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    Phone System-

  • IVR

    An IVR or phone menu automatically routes callers to the right recipient. An IVR helps create a professional customer experience while increasing agent efficiency.

  • Business Hours

    Add custom business hours to your different phone numbers based on your unique business needs.

  • Ring Groups

    Group your employees by teams based on skills. Choose between simultaneous ring or call cascading.

  • Call Recording

    Better monitor your team’s performance and the quality of your service by recording calls and listening back on them.

  • Extension Dialing

    Every teammate can be easily reached by dialing their unique 3 or 4 digit extension number.

  • Voicemail

    Easily personalize your greetings and leave of absence messages. Listen to your voicemails from your PC, mobile, deskphone or receive them via email.

  • Cold & Warm Transfer

    Agents can choose between cold transfer or warm transfer. Warm transfer allows them to check in with their colleague before transferring the call.

  • Call Forwarding

    Forward calls to external phone numbers and remain available when you are on the go.

  • Call Logs

    View a complete record of incoming and outgoing phone calls, including the name of the caller, the number or extension dialed, and the time, date, and duration of the call.

  • Custom Music on Hold

    Personalize your greeting and hold music. Easily import a pre-recorded file from your computer and customize your caller experience.

  • Automatic Provisioning

    Plug & play provisioning of all devices including desk phones makes deployments a breeze and reduces overall complexity.

  • Local & Toll Free Numbers

    Instantly access local phone numbers in 50+ countries, allowing customers to call a familiar number at a local rate. Operate in any country without having to open an office.

  • International Numbers in 50+ Countries

    Instant provisioning of local and toll free phone numbers in 50+ countries allows companies to easily operate at global scale without having to move offices.

  • Global Outbound Calling

    Call phone numbers in 190+ countries with HD quality and at the best rates in the industry.

    Call Center-

  • Call Queues

    Keep callers on hold until the next teammate is available with advanced call queuing. Select between multiple call distribution systems and leverage advanced options to personalize the on hold experience.

  • Avg. Hold Time Announcement

    Automatically announce the estimated wait time to callers on hold.

  • Queue Position Announcement

    Automatically announce the position of each caller on the hold queue.

  • Live Supervisor Console

    Make real-time, data driven, decisions with the Live Supervisor Console, providing deep insight into agent performance and tools that allow managers to listen, monitor and intervene phone calls.

  • Call Monitoring

    Call monitoring allows managers to easily coach agents and ensure a great customer experience.

  • Call Whisper

    Speak to agents secretly without the caller knowing during active calls.

  • Call Barge

    Managers can instantly intervene during live calls between agents and callers.

  • Call Center Analytics

    Gauge your team’s performance using Salesforce based pre built dashboards for Sales & Service teams that keep track of your call center KPI’s.

  • After Call Work

    Provide agents a list of tasks to complete before moving to the next call, like setting disposition codes, tags, etc.

  • Power Dialer

    Encourage agents to power through their dialing sessions using our advanced call lists with deep Salesforce integration.

  • Disposition Codes & Notes

    Add call summary notes and disposition codes to your call logs to ensure relevant customer information is retained inside Salesforce.

  • Call Tagging

    Tag inbound and outbound calls to easily filter and find important calls.

    Voice Conferencing-

  • Up-to 40 participants

    Host conference calls and connect with up-to 40 participants with cloud based call conferencing. Easily invite, kick or mute participants on the fly.

  • Powerful connectivity

    Allows participants to connect using either a web browser, company extension or via local or international phone numbers.

  • Low-latency architecture

    Connect callers worldwide with our global conferencing system that routes callers through the nearest PoP (Point of presence) to ensure quality.

  • Google calendar integration

    Schedule conference calls directly into Google Calendar.

    Video Conferencing-

  • Up-to 6 participants

    Host multiparty conference calls and connect with up-to 6 participants with cloud based video conferencing. Easily invite, kick or mute participants on the fly.

  • Intelligent Quality Control (IQC)

    Video quality is automatically modified by the system based on each callers bandwidth connectivity.

  • Google calendar integration

    Schedule conference calls directly into Google Calendar

    Team Collaboration-

  • One to one and group chat

    Easily connect with co-workers on the office or on the go using private and group messaging designed for modern teams.

  • File sharing

    Share files from your computer or mobile device instantly with co-workers.

  • Presence

    Instantly know if teammates are available or busy.

  • Dropbox integration

    Share files from Dropbox with teammates.


  • Mobile app for iOS

    Use your iPhone to make and take calls, check your voicemail and join conference calls.

  • Mobile app for Android

    Use your Android device to make and take calls, check your voicemail and join conference calls.

    Salesforce Integration-

  • Realtime Contact Sync

    Real time contact sync between Salesforce and Phoneforce ensures contact information is up to date and available when agents need it the most. Choose between bidirectional or unidirectional sync.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate repetitive tasks like call logging, case or task creation. Call recordings, notes and other relevant call information is automatically attached to the corresponding Salesforce activity.

  • Salesforce Call Routing

    Leverage powerful IVR technology that uses Salesforce data to route callers to the right agent based on contact or lead information, cases and opportunities.

  • Salesforce CTI

    Make and take calls, host voice and video meetings, text and much more without ever leaving Salesforce. Leverage powerful call controls to interact with Salesforce while in calls.

  • Salesforce Dashboards & Reports

    Keep track of your call center KPI’s and gauge your team’s performance using Salesforce based pre built dashboards for Sales & Service teams.

  • Salesforce Omni Channel Integration

    Integrate your call center with Salesforce omni channel for smarter case distribution among agents.

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