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PhoneIQ CTI for Salesforce

The PhoneIQ CTI for Salesforce Lightning provides a complete enterprise grade cloud phone system and contact center platform 100% embedded and manageable within your CRM. Once installed, the PhoneIQ Managed Package delivers a complete cloud communications suite directly in your Salesforce instance, that includes: the most advanced PBX and Contact Center features, Salesforce call routing, power dialing, automatic call recording, local presence, powerful call controls, online meetings, team collaboration, call center analytics, live dashboards and much more.

PhoneIQ for Desktop

PhoneIQ for desktop provides a complete softphone and unified communications app for PC and Mac that brings together voice, video and messaging into one easy to use interface. It works for both PhoneIQ Agent and Office users, allowing your company to stay completely connected across departments through a single, mobile ready, cloud communications platform. PhoneIQ for desktop is also fully integrated with Salesforce, providing access to valuable features like screen pop, power dialing and much more, from the comfort of your desktop.

For the 32 bit version of the app, click here

PhoneIQ for Mobile

Empower your team to work from anywhere using PhoneIQ for iOS and Android. Make and take business calls on the go, and move your phone system from the closet to the palm of your hand, while keeping all activity and interactions in sync with Salesforce automatically.

Admin Portal

Easily manage your cloud phone system and contact center platform from your web browser. PhoneIQ provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows admins to add new users, provision devices, buy new phone numbers and much more, over a cup of coffee.

PhoneIQ Analytics

Advanced reporting and analytics dashboards that give business leaders instant visibility into call center KPIs and metrics. Track activity for your entire organization. Filter by date and down to specific departments, queues or users.

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