Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Sales Engagement

Accelerate revenue growth with Sales Engagement, providing powerful cadence and work queue automation while logging all phone activity, disposition codes and call recordings to the appropriate record in Salesforce.

Seamlessly move through your cadence.

Dial from work queue

Allow reps to initiate outbound calls directly from their work queue using click to dial. Once the call is completed, call related data will be automatically synced to Salesforce.

Call result branching

Automatically move call steps through the cadence using call results. Map PhoneIQ disposition codes to Salesforce Sales Engagements call results and automatically branch your cadence based on call outcome.

Power dialer

Import pending call steps from your Salesforce Sales Engagement work queue into the power dialer, automating outbound dialing and easily grouping calls by cadence and cadence steps.

Powerful in-call actions

Leverage powerful in-call controls like call transferring, voicemail drop, agent comments, tags, call assignment to new or existing opportunities and more. Call data will be automatically synced and logged into Salesforce, no manual data entry required.

PhoneIQ Office

Seamlessly connecting Thrifty’s multi-location business

Giorgio Pagliuca
Managing Director

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Automatic Activity Capture
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Real time sync
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Local presence
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