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Seamlessly connecting Thrifty’s multi-location business

Providing a future-proof business communications stack

Thrifty is a leading car rental company with global operations in over 77 countries and more than 9,700 employees worldwide. Before deploying PhoneIQ, Thrifty relied on legacy phone systems at each of their 7 office locations to connect phone calls. This aging infrastructure proved to be increasingly problematic to management, with seasonality being at the core of Thrifty’s business changing things like business hours and greetings on their IVR at each of their offices required onsite IT technicians. This issue, coupled with the fact that telephony costs were at an all time high and transferring calls between locations was impossible, triggered the decision from management to look for a modern solution for their telephony needs.

“PhoneIQ allowed us to unite all communications under one system, providing a seamless transition to remote work during COVID-19.”
Giorgio Pagliuca
Managing Director

After looking into multiple solutions available in the market, management decided that a cloud based phone system was the best fit to their needs since it provided the ability to connect all offices under one system that required no maintenance, could easily scale to new locations, could be modified on the fly by non technical employees and supported mobile workers. PhoneIQ was able to quickly implement a solution that consisted of a centralized IVR under their highly publicized short code number and from their being able to seamlessly route calls to their different locations across the country. Employees could now call and transfer calls to different departments across offices at no extra cost.

After years of working together, Thrifty continues to leverage the benefits of ever evolving cloud based technology, implementing new features that PhoneIQ releases at no additional cost to improve operational efficiency. During COVID-19 Thrifty was able to quickly respond to the rapidly changing landscape by changing their call routing from our web based admin dashboard and transitioning to remote work seamlessly using PhoneIQ desktop and mobile applications that can be used from any internet enabled device.


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