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Simplifying communications at scale with El Pais

Reimaging enterprise telephony with a modern phone system

El Pais is the leading media company in Uruguay. Deeply entrenched in Uruguayan culture since it’s first publication on September 14, 1918, the company has successfully navigated the digital transformation wave to become the 6th ranked website in Uruguay by traffic according to Alexa. Before migrating to cloud telephony, the IT team at El Pais was stuck managing aging on premise PBX systems from big brand names that required certified technicians and paid upgrades to perform the most basic of tasks like adding new extensions or customizing their IVR. These issues, coupled with the fact that they needed a more agile system that could better support their large and dynamic workforce had them looking into more modern telephony and business communication solutions.

“PhoneIQ’s mobile app was key to mobilizing our workforce. Journalists find it specially useful when paired with automatic call recording.”
Diego Acosta y Lara
Director of IT

After thorough research, management decided that PhoneIQ was the best fit for their needs. As the leading solution in cloud telephony, PhoneIQ was able to provide key features that empowered their workforce to be more efficient and mobile while providing a flexible licensing system that enabled IT to dynamically scale the number of licenses in minutes without the need to purchase additional hardware. Before using PhoneIQ, journalists had specialized recording devices that were attached to their desk phones. With PhoneIQ’s desktop and mobile apps, now journalists can automatically record and access invaluable recordings from the devices they love and own.

During COVID-19, the top tier IT Team at El Pais was able to quickly shift their 350+ employees to remote work without disrupting business operations. The success of this transition helped journalists keep Uruguayans well informed during the pandemic.


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