Increase Connection Rates By Over 300%

Local presence dialing for Salesforce automatically selects a local Caller ID based on the area code dialed, increasing call connection rates and boosting your reps' productivity.

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Increase call connection rates by as much as 4x

Shared Number Pool

When the call is placed, PhoneIQ will automatically select the best local Caller ID based on the dialed number from a pool of thousands of numbers which covers 95%+ of all area codes in the US & Canada.

Callback Routing

Route callbacks to the agent that placed the call or to a custom call flow like an IVR or Queue. Although the number pool is shared, PhoneIQ keeps track of calls to automatically route inbound callers to the right account every time.

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Voicemail drop
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Power Dialer
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Salesforce CTI
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Giorgio Pagliuca
Managing Director at Thrifty
“PhoneIQ allowed us to unite all communications under one system, providing a seamless transition to remote work during COVID-19.”
Diego Acosta y Lara
Director of IT at El Pais
“PhoneIQ’s mobile app was key to mobilizing our workforce. Journalists find it specially useful when paired with automatic call recording”
Chad Hammond
Salesforce Admin at Mobycap
“Since transitioning to PhoneIQ outbound call volume has increased dramatically. Kudos to the entire team for continuing to push the needle forward”

PhoneIQ for Sales Cloud Features

Power dialer

Increase connection rates with automated and preview dialing.

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Local presence

Automatically select the best local number when calling prospects to increase answer rates

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Call recording

Setup automatic call recording and listen to conversations for coaching & training purposes.

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Outbound caller ID

Manually select the best phone number displayed as caller ID for each call.

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Click to dial

Click on phone numbers in Salesforce to automatically dial it in PhoneIQ.

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Intelligent routing

Connect callers automatically to the best agent based on Salesforce data.

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Analytics & coaching

Track call outcome in real time and scale sales success across your team predictively.

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Rep mobility

Make and take phone calls on the go from your PC or mobile device.

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