What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the automated system where a computer or a voice recording offers you menu options during a phone call. IVR is often used in order to connect a caller with the right customer care representative.
The definition of IVR describes the technology that enables humans to interact with computers using their voices or by using a phone’s keypad. IVR reduces costs and improves customer experiences in high volume call centers.
The IVR systems give customers the ability to provide businesses with critical data, route themselves to the most qualified sales rep, and handle simple tasks themselves (such as making a credit card payment) without taking time away from human reps. This reduces the amount of reps needed to provide service, while freeing human reps to solve more involved customer problems.

IVR Usage

While IVR systems are frequently used in large enterprise sales organizations, even smaller businesses have found value in IVR technology, since it enables them to appear to be larger than they actually are.

Because it patches into your databases, queries can be attended without human intervention. An example is when you call your credit card provider to inquire about your payment. Unless you have billing issues, basic queries can be handled by the IVR system.

The voice response system can also gather relevant information prior to call routing. Callers can be authenticated, their location identified and their calls segmented accordingly.
This results in better-handled calls. Information is readily available to agents. Callers are classified according to their concerns; and their issues are handled by qualified agents.
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