What is a Call Tracking System?

The definition of a call tracking system is a system that allows marketers to measure the value of inbound calls driven by their marketing efforts. The technology enables companies to instantly and cheaply provision local or toll-free phone numbers, then associate those numbers with ads, web pages, search keywords or any effort. The results are then tracked and measured, typically within a CRM tool.

When call tracking data is captured in a CRM, it can then be shared in real time with inside sales reps taking inbound calls. This data can be used to communicate the buyers’ intent and help reps have more intelligent conversations. When call tracking data is integrated with a routing system, the caller intent data can be used to route calls to product specialists automatically. This is known as Smart Call Routing.

Know exactly how much of your efforts give back and make better marketing investments from there.

The data provided by a Call Tracking System will allow you to assess your marketing investments as well as improve your callers’ experience. Without it, you might end up misreading your prospects’ behavior and putting your funds where you don’t get enough conversion back.

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