What is Voicemail Drop?

Voicemail Drop (or voicemail automation) is a type of inside sales technology that is designed to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages.

To put it simply, voicemail drop automates the task of leaving a voicemail message on any number of people’s phones. Using this process, you are spared having to leave thousands of voicemails on individual phones which can be very time consuming.

How Voicemail Drop Works

Voicemail drop is simple to use, making it a great option to get messages about your latest promotion or remind customers to pay an upcoming bill. Although steps for automated voicemail drop vary by software provider, it usually works by selecting a message, choosing the person or persons to call, and clicking to send the message.

The telephone marketing software uses adaptive signaling technology for direct server-to-server access to landline or mobile phone voicemail boxes.

  • For voicemail drop outreach, you’ll need:
  • A prerecorded message (or multiple messages)
  • A CRM software (such as Salesforce)

A CTI integration with a Voicemail Drop feature included (such as PhoneIQ)

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