What is Rapport Building?

One of the key ingredients in a successful sales conversation is rapport building. This is about building a great relationship with your prospective customer. We all tend to buy from people we trust, respect, and like. Establishing a solid and long lasting rapport with each customer, is particularly important as part of the focus to grow recurring revenue and increase the lifetime value of the account.

Relationships have always been central to a successful business. It is how you get started and stay afloat. It is what you build on.

The problem is that relationships are not easy to develop. It takes time, and hinges on the rapport you establish from your first B2B sales call.

Know about your prospect’s business, industry and pain points. Then, show them how your solution addresses these concerns. Regardless of how much your product is, as long as your prospect sees its value, you can close the deal.

Value is always more important than price – and your call, especially the first one, should focus on that.

PhoneIQ’s Screen-pop feature can drastically improve your agents’ rapport building by providing every detail associated with your customers, even their dogs’ name!

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