What is Call Barge?

Call Barge is a call center feature that empowers managers to join calls at will. Think of it as a way for managers to instantly turn any call into a three-way conference call. This is powerful because it makes it easier than ever for managers to assist reps.

When to Use Call Barging:

When a Rep is Truly Stumped by a Question

With our call monitoring feature, managers gain the ability to monitor calls. There are bound to be times when a rep is asked a question that stumps them. But reps aren’t always going to ask a manager for help. If a rep is truly floundering, a manager can drop in and answer the caller’s question. This can be especially useful with new reps or following the launch of a new product. If you’re going to use the barge feature, make sure that reps are aware of it. You want to do your best to ensure reps and customers see barging as helpful rather than intrusive.

When Reps are Training

The barge feature can be helpful when onboarding new reps. The ability to barge in on calls can act as a safety net in the case that a rep is stumped. Managers can assist reps when they are taking practice test calls or getting their feet wet talking to real customers.

When a Customer is Upset or Asks for a Manager

There may be times when your customer success reps speak with unhappy customers. Unfortunately, these situations can sometimes escalate very quickly. If a customer becomes exceedingly irate or directly asks to speak to a manager, it can be helpful for managers to use the call barging feature. This can help ensure that conflicts can de-escalate as quickly as possible.

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