What is Call Coaching?

Call coaching is a necessity when building a successful sales team. It’s a dual process which helps the sales agents improve, learn something new, or take their performance to the next level. If we take a closer look at this definition, we will see that it involves an interactive process.

A successful call coach is not just there to make sure that the sales team is hitting their targets (although it’s a large part of the job). They are there to help their sales agents improve, learn something new, or exceed their professional weaknesses. This will ultimately help them build stronger relationships and provide superior sales experience and success in the future.

Coaches also need training to be effective. They must be good listeners and must know how to weave encouragement into every aspect of the coaching process. A complete Call Center Software is also recommended in order to achieve these objectives.

A complete Call Center Software should allow coaches (and managers) to:

Easily monitor their agents’ calls to ensure a great customer experience.

Whisper their agents in real time. This means they can speak to them secretly (without the caller knowing) during active calls.

Instantly intervene during live calls between agents and callers using

Call Barge. Add call summary notes, tags and customer mood evaluation to ensure every interaction is correctly documented. Agents themselves should also be allowed to do this.

Access reporting and real time dashboards to analyze agents’ performance and make data-driven decisions to improve it.

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