What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence refers to a person’s aptitude to assess the direction and outcome of a given conversation. In a sales organization, sales agents have a crucial role in being the direct representative of the company to the potential customer. Conversation intelligence is important in the sales force because sales representatives (or sales agents) are assigned the task to convince potential customers to purchase products or services, which is dependent on both the agent’s skills in interacting with the customer and the information they have available to them.

Agents need to “read” the prospect in real time, understanding their concerns, answering questions related to the product, handling objections and challenges, and more. Sales agents can improve their conversation intelligence if they have access to call recordings, call transcriptions, and call scoring. This would give agents the ability to replay previous calls and identify the positives and negatives of a given call, thus empowering them to qualify leads more efficiently and purposefully. This also makes the prospects feel more “relevant” to the business by keeping their previous interactions’ data and records.

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