What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol that describes the method to place and receive phone calls over the internet. Most people consider VoIP the alternative to the local telephone company.

If you've heard of an IP address, that's your Internet Protocol address. An IP address is how computers and devices communicate with each other on the internet.

VoIP isn't actually all that new. Telephony has relied on digital lines to carry phone calls since the late 90s. VoIP is a cost-effective way to handle an unlimited number of calls.

VoIP in the Corporate Setting

With businesses integrating with the Internet more than ever before, technological advancements like VoIPs allow them to reduce costs further while still maintaining connectivity. Because calls are digitized and transferred through the Internet, traditional copper-wire infrastructure can be dismissed in favor of fiber-optic cables, allowing businesses to reduce the cost of maintaining different network architectures.

Additionally, soft phones—or software that allows emulations of calls -like PhoneIQ- offer many advantages over traditional phones. They can be integrated into workforce software or other CRM tools like Salesforce to enable users to access more information effortlessly and efficiently. They also integrate easily with some of the best call practices like forwarding and routing, hosted IVRs and auto-dialers, and even emulation of local presence in a specific location.

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