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How Genia gracefully scaled customer support during COVID-19

Using cloud based contact center software to dynamically scale

Genia is a leading healthcare company that specializes in performing DNA tests to prevent and diagnose human diseases and conditions. Having a large footprint across the Americas, Genia was stuck with an analog phone system that made it hard for IT to perform even the most basic of tasks such as adding an extension and even making simple changes to their IVR resulted in charges from their past vendor.

“Being able to monitor inbound call activity in real time enabled us to boost performance and increase call connection rates dramatically”
Ignacio Leites
Director of IT

During the research process, Genia came across PhoneIQ and the benefits of migrating to cloud based telephony. After a fast paced deployment, Genia was able to instantly leverage features like call recording, ACD Queues, live dashboards, mobility and much more. Also PhoneIQ’s flexible licensing model enabled Genia to quickly provision new users as the company grew without having to worry about equipment and hurdles traditionally related to legacy phone systems.

The pandemic saw a dramatic increase in call volume to Genia’s call center. Genia provides COVID-19 testing on demand and customer inquiries skyrocketed during Q1 and Q2. Using PhoneIQ’s inbound call center technology, Genia was able to gracefully scale, adding new agents and managing their ACD Queues to seamlessly handle the large call volume. Realtime and historical reporting enabled management to make data driven decisions and reduce missed opportunities.








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