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Ensuring Operational Compliance on Service Cloud Lightning

Automating operational excellence with the leading Salesforce CTI

Jasso Moreno is a legal and accounting firm based out of Mexico City, led by his charismatic founder Ruben Jasso. Unlike most traditional firms in the space, they adopted the Salesforce CRM platform to manage and track cases about customers. Initially, their team would manually type in information about each interaction with a customer and had huge operational hurdles to relate call recordings with existing cases. Their team was spending a high percentage of their time performing manual data entry each day and ensuring each case was compliantly logged, which was not sustainable.

“With PhoneIQ we now have complete visibility over our telephony activity”
Ruben Jasso
Managing Partner

After initial review, management decided to reach out to Nuvalia, a PhoneIQ partner in Mexico City which in turn suggested that the PhoneIQ Salesforce CTI would be a great fit for their needs. As the leading contact center and CTI solution for Salesforce, PhoneIQ was able to quickly deploy a cloud based phone system that connected with their local telephony carrier Total Play, and automated the entire process of logging phone activity in Salesforce, relating the right case and call recording within the CRM everytime. Given the success of the deployment, PhoneIQ was rolled out to the entire team, leveraging both desktop and mobile apps to mobilize the young and dynamic workforce at Jasso Moreno.

During COVID-19, Jasso Moreno employees were able to connect with customers from within Salesforce from the comfort of their home, while management ensured operational compliance and had 24/7 visibility into customer interactions using PhoneIQ’s advanced reporting capabilities, live dashboards and coaching features.


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