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Delivering trustworthy communications channels to Sohin Patients in a pandemic scenario.

Boosting customer experience for patients and their close circle with cloud telephony technology.

Sohin is a Healthcare Holding Company that personalizes care to patients with chronic degenerative diseases, going beyond clinical and medicinal treatments. The service they deliver is carried out by assigning a Health Concierge to each patient, who will be his full personal assistant, and will handle almost 80% of all communications with the patient over the phone. 

Their patient-centered philosophy is focused on serving, listening, helping and supporting patients; with services that add value to their complex treatments with psychology, nutrition, palliative care, scheduling appointments, paperwork management and medicine delivery. 

Before implementing PhoneIQ, Sohin was facing a productivity challenge: the platform they used was too complex. Such intricacies were an issue for Concierge while using the admin console, creating IVR’s or managing outbound caller ID. This meant limited flexibility, high dependency on IT Support and their response times.

Aiming at improving their customer service and optimizing their operations, Sohin decided they needed a telephony and call center provider that ticked 3 specific boxes:

1. Be user friendly.
2. Offer great support
3. Integrate with Salesforce Health Cloud.

“Our main priority was reducing help desk response time. In PhoneIQ we found great support and gained a lot of independence as its platform is so user-friendly.”
Rafael Contreras
Manager of Operation Excellence at SOHIN

While reviewing multiple vendors in the lookout for a new software solution that met their needs, management decided to move forward with PhoneIQ because of its modern platform, deep Salesforce integration and 24/7 multilingual support. PhoneIQ provided Sohin with world class inbound, outbound and reporting capabilities without the need of moving from Salesforce to other platforms. As the leading telephony and communications solution in Salesforce, PhoneIQ also gave management great insights on their teams’ performance in real time, with activity being automatically captured in Salesforce and related to the right records; and valuable data delivered to agents while connecting with patients.

“Being in Healthcare, PhoneIQ’s solid Salesforce integration was a notable differentiator that helped us deliver a better experience to our patients.” 
Rafael Contreras
Manager of Operation Excellence at SOHIN

Sohin is a thriving company which is always looking for the best innovations to improve their telemedicine service and ultimately support their patients’ wellbeing. Deployment was coordinated with Sohin’s carrier MCM and the deployment day ran smoothly and successfully. 

“Our integration with Salesforce Health Cloud is what allows us to deliver personalized attention to our patients and keep an updated record of each and one them.”
Rafael Contreras
Manager of Operation Excellence at SOHIN

After serving over 40,000 patients, Sohin saw a noticeable 35% decrease in emergency consultations and paperwork, so they are committed to making the best use of their Salesforce information to keep reducing emergencies and looking after their patients with a preventive perspective.

“Working with PhoneIQ feels like having an inhouse team at your disposal”
Rafael Contreras
Manager of Operation Excellence at SOHIN

Being a healthcare company, Sohin is committed to ensuring that they provide a safe workplace during the pandemic. During this time, 95% of Sohin’s staff easily switched to remote work. PhoneIQ desktop, web and mobile apps proved crucial, enabling concierges to connect remotely with just an internet connection.








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