What is Click-to-Call (or Click-to-Dial)?

The definition of click-to-call (which is sometimes called click-to-talk, click-to-dial or click-to-text) refers to a type of digital communication in which a person clicks a button or text in order to be connected with another individual in real-time. These connections can occur via phone call, SMS or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP). These click-to-call links are commonly found as buttons on websites. But often, click-to-call can be initiated by hyperlinks over emails and videos. It is intended to help save time by ensuring that customers don’t have to manually enter business phone numbers into their phone or break from the context of web browsing in order to make a phone number.

Current click-to-call technology does not require customers to download software other than standard plugins (such as Flash). Since customers don’t need to download software, it has alleviated customer concerns about downloading malware or spyware. A lot of current click-to-call technology is a clientless web-to-phone service, in which the call takes place outside the user’s computer.

This feature enables reps to click to dial prospects directly from a CRM lead or contact view. This can enable reps to dial without having to take the time to actually manually dial a lead. The result is that inside sales reps can contact more prospects in a single day.

Click-to-dial can also be directly integrated with sales sequences and playbooks, enabling reps to focus on next best actions without having to worry about manually entering numbers or breaking from their workflow. Click-to-dial functionality keeps reps in a seamless workflow, making it easier for reps to gain key benefits like dialing more prospects and having more conversations every day.

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