What is Salesforce Call Logging?

The call conversation is the most important activity of a sales process. It’s where everything moves forward and it's also where the sale typically happens. In short, the phone is where deals truly move forward, and it is usually where they’re closed

As a sales manager or director, call logging in Salesforce comes in handy as it provides insight into the levels of service that the agents are providing your customers. It allows to identify the top performing agents and the ones that are most valuable to the sales team. As important, though, it’s also key to identify which leads each agent is generating and how many deals are closed from those leads.

Without it, it is very challenging for the sales leadership to predict revenue figures, following up leads and having a sales funnel. Being able to forecast the number of calls it takes to close a deal and drive revenue is fundamental to every sales team that seeks results and growth. Basically, you would be working blindly.

How To Log Calls Automatically In Salesforce 

Although it’s possible to do this process manually, the easy way is adopting a fully featured solution like PhoneIQ to automatically log 100% of your sales reps’ calls in Salesforce.

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