What is Screen-pop?

A screen pop is a window or dialog box that autonomously appears on the desktop, displaying information for a call simultaneously sent to that agent's telephone. The data displayed typically contains call information such as caller ID, Automatic Number Identification (ANI), information entered from an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call history and all data associated with the caller, if registered in a CRM.

With Salesforce, for instance, screen pop guarantees reps access the right customer information on every call. You can choose between displaying contact, lead, account, case and opportunity records based on different scenarios like inbound or outbound calls to known or unknown numbers.

Having the correct client information displayed in real time will noticeably boost your reps' performance, whether they’re providing customer support or doing inbound or outbound sales.

With this resource, as a rep you can even associate any personal details from your clients and make them feel important for actually “remembering” what they told you on past occasions. For instance, let’s say a client tells you about how their youngest kid is about to enter school. One month later, he/she calls again, and you see this information pop to your screen: “Youngest son about to enter school”. You can imagine the face of the customer when you ask them: “Hey, did your son start school? How was it?”... “Wow, you actually remembered! He’s loving it!”... *wink*

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