What is Smart Call Routing?

Smart call routing is a tool that expedites communications using customizable If/Then conditions to build a sophisticated workflow. When someone calls, they’re automatically routed to the most relevant person or team.

Though we mentioned phone call routing in the definition, smart routing can take place regardless of where the customer contacts the company by phone. Routing is also important for email or chat queries.

  • Benefits:
  • When you call a call center, the chance that you end up with the right agent that is capable of solving the trouble you have is low. You waste time explaining the same problem over and over again after a couple of steering until the right agent picks the phone. Smart call routing reduces the time wasted on the phone to explain the problem for both agents and customers.
  • Smart call routing reduces call duration and wait time by matching agents with appropriate customer queries. These lead to reduced customer service agent costs and increased customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is further increased since an intelligent call routing system provides insights to customer service agents about the customer and her query. Furthermore, in large customer service centers, customer’s personal characteristics and previous contacts are considered in matches, further increasing customer satisfaction.

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