What is CTI?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a term used for any technology that allows computers to interact with telephones, generally through the use of a Modem.

CTI is a technology used to make contact center processes more efficient. Using CTI, the interaction between agents and their desktop computers is greatly improved. CTI allows those human agents to react to incoming calls specifically and with precision. They can analyze the caller’s needs, and develop a more efficient route for service delivery.

In summary, CTI is the one call center solution that enables seamless integration of your phone and computer systems so your sales and marketing teams can focus on delivering results. Simply put, a CTI delivers the data you need to make the smartest decisions on the fly.

Functions of CTI

There are a variety of functions a CTI can be used for. These might include:

Screen popping: Triggering a callers number (ANI) or number dialed (SDNIS) and other data about customers the moment of a call.
Automated Dialing: Including click-to-call, power dialing, and autodialers
Phone controls: e.g. answer, hang-up, hold conference
Call Routing/Transferring: Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) time-based routing, skills based routing, etc.

CTI is a modern-day must. If your phone system isn’t seamlessly connected to your computer system, you and your sales team will waste an enormous amount of time making sure all necessary data and information is in the right place at the right time for the right people.

Whether you’ve got a small staff or have a call center with a thousand employees, CTI is the way to go. PhoneIQ offers a fully featured CTI solution for the best price. Check out our pricing and select the plan that suits you best!

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