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Truly integrated logistics around the globe with Fulter.

Fulter Logistics centralized its communications into a single source to deliver quicker, more efficient, and 100% accurate supply chain services.

Fulter Logistics is a company that offers freight forwarder services and integrated supply chain management. Their worldwide logistic services span from end to end of the logistics chain, by land, air, and sea. 

Providing complex cross-border logistics services, keeping costs competitive and transit times efficient, requires constant and successful communications with many different people and organizations. Consequently, Fulter teams strive to be responsive in real-time across their five divisions and fourteen subsidiaries in the Americas. These standards extend to their partner and agent alliances as well, to sustain a close and reliable network that can satisfy their clients’ quality and compliance requirements.

As their operations expanded and they opened more international branches, Fulter Logistics noticed that using analog phone lines and having different telephony providers in each country was inefficient and restricted them from gathering and analyzing call data. 

They faced an increasing need to centralize and keep track of their large volume of communications with Salesforce, so the information would be easily available to their teams. Keeping up with the dynamism of the logistic sector also required ubiquity and flexibility. After comparing different options, they decided to go for a cloud phone system that could handle regional and international calls and messages, log them into Salesforce, and be accessible on mobile as well as desktop or browser.

“We are a young company in steady growth, and always keen on seeking efficiency for each and every one of our processes. Incorporating PhoneIQ to our stack meant synergizing our communications with easy-to-use technology and optimizing data collection”
Javier Salip
Executive Director

After implementing PhoneIQ, they noticed a dramatic decrease in international calling bills along with less time spent manually logging calls and texts into Salesforce. With every interaction automatically captured in their CRM, they focused on their business growth and continued delivering quicker, more efficient, and 100% accurate supply chain services.

During the pandemic, Fulter teams carried out their operations with remote work at a normal course and keeping all communication channels open to customers.

“Integrating all voice, text, and email communications to Salesforce with PhoneIQ helps us add more value to the logistics chain of our customers and partners”
Javier Salip
Executive Director








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